Product Launch Formula – Don’t Make This Critical Mistake!

“Product Launch Formula” is the current hot topic in the
world of “internet marketing.” Jeff Walker is on the verge
of releasing his much awaited “Product Launch Formula 2.0.Those who own the original Product Launch Formula wonder
“what’s different in version 2.0″ and those who didn’t get
the original, wonder if it’s right for them. On March 25th,
the noise level will reach a peak, and thousands will decide
that the new Product Launch Formula is right for them.Strangely, it’s at that point that many will make a HUGE
mistake, when that mistake has never been easier to avoid.The mistake they’ll make is that they’ll buy Product Launch
Formula 2.0 on emotion rather than logic. They’ll buy it on
impulse rather than taking a few minutes to actually shop
around.I’ve known Jeff Walker for many years. I think that we first
met in 2003 at a Joel Christopher workshop. I use Jeff Walker’s
teachings almost every day. I’ve so steeped myself in his
tactics that I often use them without conscious thought.So, to me the decision of whether or not anyone launching or
relaunching a product over the internet can benefit
tremendously from getting and using a copy of Product Launch
Formula is a non-question.Since Product Launch Formula even teaches you to treat a major
affiliate product promotion like a product launch, I honestly
believe that serious affiliate marketers should consider
getting a copy. Many of Jeff’s case-studies are of affiliate
marketers who applied Jeff’s teaching to affiliate promotions
and easily earned high five-figure commissions. To me, that’s
impressive!I’m going to make the very big assumption that after careful
analysis, you’ve concluded that Product Launch Formula is
right for you.Your next logical question should be, “Who do you get a copy
from.” Product Launch Formula will be promoted by a lot of
affiliates, and many of them (including myself) will offer
bonuses as a way to differentiate THEIR offers.Since you’ll end up with the same basic product no matter who
you get it from, doesn’t it make sense to buy on the basis of
who offers the bonus most appropriate for you?That’s where that “critical mistake” that I warned you about
in the title comes in. That’s where that critical mistake can
so easily be avoided.You get the very best deal on Product Launch Formula by taking
your time (not reacting on emotion or impulse) and actually
comparing bonuses. I’d go as far as to jot them do on a sheet
of paper, with columns for comparing them. Just make a list
of affiliate offer which caught your attention, and list them in
one column. Then have other columns where you list major
Then simply fill in your decision grid and make a logical
decision.Here are some of the tools that you SHOULD use in making the
best decision… in locating “The best Product Launch Formula
Bonus” …1) Use the search engines. There will be a LOT of people
talking about, and comparing bonuses, so just tap into their
discussion… to capitalize on their research. Go to Google
and “google” phrases such as “Product Launch Formula Bonus,”
“Best Product Launch Formula Bonuses,” “Jeff Walker’s
Product Launch Formula,” etc., and then check out leads that
seem promising.This approach may point you to a Product Launch Formula bonus
that is more appropriate for your needs that you would have
otherwise COMPLETELY missed.Take your time and actually look around. Since many affiliates
have already started promoting, this is something that you
can actually do now ;-) 2) Use discussion forums. Many popular internet marketing
discussion forums will likely have threads where bonuses are
compared. There are even people who will start forums just
for that purpose.Other forums that you should check out include The Internet
Marketing Warriors, and for insiders, The Internet Marketing
Inner Circle.On these forums, caring people actually share what Product
Launch Formula Bonuses they have uncovered. Depending upon
how the forum is setup, you can join the discussion and discuss
the pros and cons of each bonus. Some forums restrict
discussion more than others, so find one that meets your needs.The search engines frequently spider popular forums, so you’ll
even be able to find forums discussing Product Launch Formula
Bonuses through the search engines.3) Ask for recommendations. Simply email, PM or Skype your
friends and ask them about bonuses that really caught their
attention.4) Ask if a given bonus is really right for you. No matter
how great a Product Launch Formula Bonus sounds, if you’re
not going to use it, it’s worthless to you.Look for bonuses that fit in with your plans in actually
using the product.Avoid bonuses that will side-track you from completing
important projects, and will just add clutter to your harddrive.A logical bonus, if you are actually on the verge of launching
a product, or relaunch a product, or doing a major affiliate
promotion would include things such as:- A mailing to a large list which could jumpstart your launch,
leading to direct sales, new affiliates, new JV partners, and
lots of buzz for your launch.- A live seminar where you could brainstorm with potential
launch or joint venture partners, where you could perhaps
put YOUR project on the hotseat, or where you could clarify
things that you need to understand to pull off a successful
product launch.- One-on-one consulting with someone who has actually done
product launches before. Be careful with consulting though,
since there are a lot of “pretend experts” out there. That’s
where you can use the search engines to actually check out
the consultant BEFORE entrusting your business to him or her.Ok, let wrap it up since this article is getting long :-) Product Launch Formula 2.0 is a great product. Once you
realize that it meets your needs the only real decision that
you have is who to get it from. When you condense that
decision down to its very essence, the decision-maker should
be whoever offers “The Best Product Launch Formula Bonus.”You decide what “best” means to you, then you get the one
that matches up to your needs.Follow that simple formula and you can’t go wrong. You’ll
be acting on logic and intelligence rather than emotion
and being rushed into a decision. Since you’ll then make
a great decision, you’ll also be much happier with it :-)

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